There are two fundamental ways that Big Pharma can make money:

  • Invent new drugs
  • Invent new diseases

The DSM-V is being released on May 22nd, which is the bible of psychiatry where new mental health diseases are described. It’s a very political book and the American Psychiatric Association owns the content. However, writing it is best described as “It is as if J. K. Rowling had produced her Harry Potter sequels in a glass studio with fans looking on and banging the windows whenever she typed something they didn’t like.”

Most people agree that this version extends the role of psychiatry into our daily life even more extensively and will help more of us qualify as patients. 

But the real issue is:

“The D.S.M. has enormous impact on the public health. It determines which conditions insurers will cover, which drugs regulators will approve, which children will receive special-education services, and which criminal defendants will be able to stand trial and, in some cases, how they will be sentenced. Psychiatry has already reached far into our daily lives, and it’s not by virtue of the particulars of any given D.S.M. It’s because the A.P.A., a private guild, one with extensive ties to the drug industry, owns the naming rights to our pain. That so significant a public trust is in private hands, and on such questionable grounds, is what we ought to worry about.”