So, let’s say it’s 2014 and you and your spouse have two children. You both make a combined salary of $93,000. You are both freelancers and don’t get health insurance through your employer.

In 2014, when the mandate goes into effect, the average health insurance premium for a family of four will be about $16,000 per year. You make too much money to qualify for federal subsidies to offset the cost of health insurance premiums. 

Therefore, 17% of your pre-tax income will be spent on health insurance that you are mandated to buy. You are exempt from the fine because the cheapest plan is more than double the 8% of your income limit that exempts you from the fine.

According to today’s SCOTUS decision, you and your family must pay a “tax” to a private, for-profit corporation called Aetna or Wellpoint of 17% of your pre-tax income. 

$16,000/17% of your pre-tax income? Will you be able to afford this? Probably not. And then you are still uninsured.