First Lady Michelle Obama joined Walmart on Thursday as the retail giant announced a plan to make thousands of its food products more nutritious — a move supported by her campaign to reduce childhood obesity.

Walmart is promising to work with suppliers to reduce the salt and sugar in packaged foods, cut the costs of healthful fruits and vegetables, and develop a logo that consumers can use to choose healthier items. As part of its five-year plan, the company will also build stores in areas not already served by groceries.

As the nation’s biggest grocery retailer, Walmart has the clout to potentially transform the whole food marketplace, said Obama, whose “Let’s Move” campaign is targeted at combating obesity in children.

This is an excellent step. Wal-Mart has taken a while to find its’ “do good” self, but now that it appears they’re on the right track, it’ll be wonderful to see the good they can force on various suppliers.

But as Jake says:

it doesn’t curb the affect on the local food markets..until Wal-mart gives up it’s ransack and plunder mentality, that’s all this will ever be..a step.