What’s my point with all of these recent posts?

I simply want to point out that healthcare is complex, both the payment and the delivery side of things. It’s a highly personal and emotional issue. This isn’t like taxes or building roads– it’s about how to create the absolute best platform that ensures equitable, efficient, affordable, effective healthcare that maximizes our country’s potential for both old and young people…but designed by a broken Congress that co-writes legislation with corporations. It’s about maximizing innovation. It’s about maximizing what our country does best. It’s about bringing up the real issues.

I worry that a broken Congress isn’t the right solution. 

I want what’s best for each individual and what’s best for the country. I want healthcare that’s sustainable. I want the business model of healthcare to be fundamentally changed into a properly designed System with the right incentives that won’t bankrupt my generation and my country. I absolutely know that the status quo is not the way to go. And I absolutely know that this “reform” should have been implemented 30 years ago when things were getting out of hand. I don’t know if this is a step forward. In fact, I’m terrified of the unknown.

This could be a disaster. Unfortunately, my mentors who are much older and wiser than me also think this is going to be a disaster.

Massachusetts hasn’t been a raging success. Many essential programs are simply unsustainable and are getting cut. They also have one of the most expensive premium rates in the country. Doing nothing is not an option. But where is the patient voice in this “solution” saying the experience of today’s healthcare sucks? Where are the Generation X’s and the Millenials in this “solution.” Were we adequately represented or is this just a stopgap solution to ensure Boomers are taken care of while we, and our children, are left bankrupt from the situation Boomers failed to even attempt to solve when they were our age.

The point is…this “reform” is a first step toward something. We don’t know what it is. It could go well, do nothing, or be an absolute disaster. We do know, it’s going to be messy. You can’t screw around with $2.5 trillion dollars and expect the profiteers to go away.

But I do know our Congress is broken. And I do know that more regulations stifles innovation. And innovation is what makes this country great. 

I’m not anti reform. I’m pro questioning. I’m for trying to tackle the real issues. I’m for removing corporate interests and doing what’s best and right for the American people. And this “first step” has corporate influence written all over it. I don’t want to be negative. But Congress and the Corporations produced this reform. And they’re surely not omniscient.