Dustin redesigns AA.com

A friend of mine, Dustin Curtis, the UX guy at Frogmetrics, decided to take it upon himself to redesign the American Airlines website. Dustin’s new site looks absolutely beautiful:

He called them out here. And the same day, they sent a detailed response:

“Let me explain. The group running AA.com consists of at least 200 people spread out amongst many different groups, including, for example, QA, product planning, business analysis, code development, site operations, project planning, and user experience. We have a lot of people touching the site, and a lot more with their own vested interests in how the site presents its content and functionality.”

This is what every company needs to fight – political infighting without considering who is actually using your site, the customer looking to book a flight.

Thank you Dustin. You’re a talented dude. Can’t wait to start using Frogmetrics with Hello Health.