What is/was Sherpaa?

Sherpaa in action from Sherpaa on Vimeo.

I founded Sherpaa in February 2012. We defined and pioneered the concept of Virtual Primary Care over the course of 8 years.

Here’s how Sherpaa worked:

  • Sherpaa contracted with employers to offer primary care to their employees.
  • Sherpaa’s PCPs worked full-time for Sherpaa which mimicked a traditional old-fashioned relationship-based PCP— just online instead of in-person.
  • When an employee needed care, they’d start online with Sherpaa, via our app, instead of in-person care.
  • Every time an employee used Sherpaa, they’d work with their same Sherpaa PCP.
  • Sherpaa’s PCPs managed both acute and chronic primary care conditions.
  • Our PCPs would order lab and imaging tests to confirm suspicions when necessary, prescribe medications, refer to the most appropriate local specialists, work as a team with local specialists to manage complicated situations, and manage conditions from beginning to end. 
  • We proved that 80% of all primary care issues never needed to be seen in-person if patients worked with a dedicated doctor to “project manage” health conditions from beginning to end.

In February 2019, Crossover Health acquired Sherpaa. On December 31, 2020, Sherpaa’s practice was closed. It lives on in the spirit of Crossover’s care model. 

Explore Sherpaa’s platform and how it powered a fundamentally new care model.