What is Sherpaa?

Imagine your doctor saying, “the main way you communicate with me is through my app.” No appointments. No doctor offices. No hassles. No confusing bills. Just the easiest way to get care from your own personal, exceptionally-trained doctor.

Instead of office visits, Sherpaa doctors use our app to talk with you, order tests, prescribe you medications, and solve your health problems. Our data-driven process based on close, ongoing communication is highly effective at diagnosing you and optimizing your health. Use Sherpaa for anything from quick fixes, like simple infections, to complicated situations involving expensive tests, specialist referrals, surgeries, or help figuring out exactly what you need. Since you always work with the same doctors who practice full-time at Sherpaa, you get the comfort of having your own private physician available to you anytime and anywhere. Over the last six years, we’ve taken care of tens of thousands of patients and prevented hundreds of thousands of visits to urgent care centers, ERs, and doctor offices. And ~150 of the most innovative companies in the world trust us to take care of their employees. Now we can do the same for you.

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