Greg Mankiw just posted this graph, which came from this article on here’s the money quote: “By not knowing the full costs associated with health care, consumers demand more and ‘overuse’ it,” Kenneth E. Thorpe explained a few years back in Health Affairs. Americans would be more judicious in seeking health care — they would self-ration — if the right incentives were in place. … Continue reading

Pitting junk food makers against healthcare giants

submitted by Tyler Willis: Just watched this video of Pollan on The Daily Show, he made an interesting point that the food industry and the healthcare industry may have competing objectives – good food for thought on how we might be able to pit them against each other to encouarge better health. However, I think his suggestion of hope may be flawed — the healthcare … Continue reading Pitting junk food makers against healthcare giants

What is Flower? Right now Flower is in flux, it’s early days and people are only beginning to outline the goals for Flower. What has been decided is that… Flower will provide the mechanism that health care organizations use to transmit medical data between each other. Flower will provide an interface that people will use to ensure that they have control over who has access … Continue reading

Meaningful healthcare reform can never happen as long as it is run by the DC crowd. And that is not a surprise. Real reform of a broken system can only be invented by those who suffer from the broken system, not by those who have created the loopholes to keep themselves out of trouble. Come on, if I was one of the “representative” I would … Continue reading