I was on Maria Bartiromo’s show, On the Money, this weekend which airs just after Meet the Press. Here’s the link. And our chief physician, Dr. Susan Gonnella, says it best: “A Sherpaa is a guide…someone who will take you on a journey in a safe way. Medicine needs an infusion of something new to make the process of being sick a little easier. It … Continue reading

Sherpaa is in the November issue of Fast Company in an article entitled Facing the Techy Youthful Future of Healthcare, including that funny little drawing that looks about 20% like me. Favorite quote: “Whenever health care is run by our generation, it’s going to look much different. That’s pretty exciting.” Continue reading

sherpaa: Sherpaa was on WNYC this morning. Give it a listen! And here’s the link to the story. Very excited to be on NPR this morning.  Here’s an interesting fact about Sherpaa and how we’re operating. 99% of the time, people with health concerns reach out to us by email. We get so few phone calls. Of course this makes sense. No annoying doctor phone … Continue reading