Alliance Delivers Farm-Fresh Produce to South Bronx Consumers This is genius: Unlike others who have come to the South Bronx to solve social problems through vegetables, he is offering neither charity nor an outsider’s idea of what the neighborhood might want to cook. He’s developed a commercial community-supported agriculture plan (C.S.A.) that lets residents determine what they’ll get, with an enticing prize at the end … Continue reading

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Is This Why We’re So Fat?

The current edition of the  Journal of the American Dietetic Association includes an interesting study reviewing food commercials on TV. Over a 4 week time period, researchers taped food advertisements during 84 hours of prime time TV and 12 on Saturday mornings. In 3000 ads, 800 food items were promoted. The conclusions shouldn’t shock anybody who has a television set at home: Results suggest that a diet … Continue reading Is This Why We’re So Fat?

It’s hard to think of anyone in American life who gets the freak sociological privilege of abrupt, overwhelming wish fulfillment. There are the impoverished kids who sign NBA contracts, perhaps, or cafeteria workers who win the lottery; on television, there are the lucky contestants who are selected for extreme-makeover shows. Yet for the morbidly obese, the possibility of rapid and radical change, of a near-existential … Continue reading

T-Shirt Says to “Eat Less” So Urbane Outfitters pulled this T-shirt from their stores due to cries from anorexia groups that it sends the wrong message. So let’s look at the numbers: Prevalence of Anorexia = 1% Prevalence of Obesity = 35% Americans eat, on average, 3,790 calories a day. That’s nearly double what we should eat. Know how many calories you should eat. I think it’s … Continue reading

Take what you need, leave your fair share. Non-Profit Panera Restaurant: Pay What You Want At Pilot Location Panera Bread Co. is asking customers at a new restaurant to pay what they want. The national bakery and restaurant chain launched a new nonprofit store here this week that has the same menu as its other 1,400 locations. But the prices are a little different – … Continue reading

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Bodega Nutrition

heyitsnoah: A few weeks ago I was telling someone about the Bodega food pyramid video from a few years ago by the Internets Celebrities. The gist, more or less, is that the food options at your average bodega (corner stores in urban neighborhoods) leave much to be desired. Apparently New York City is addressing this problem with the Healthy Bodegas Initiative which was covered by … Continue reading Bodega Nutrition

New packaging by Audree Lapierre of FFunction, a Montreal-based data visualization firm: “Our concept was to design a packaging using nutritional facts about the food product. For the milk carton, we used the four sides to inform about the caloric ratio, nutrience balance completeness, ingredients and amount per serving. The diagrams and data visualizations give important and useful information. For example, they quickly show if … Continue reading