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Cholesterol as a Danger Has Skeptics

“Because the link between excessive LDL cholesterol and cardiovascular disease has been so widely accepted, the Food and Drug Administration generally has not required drug companies to prove that cholesterol medicines actually reduce heart attacks before approval."   "So far, proof that a drug lowers LDL cholesterol has generally been enough to lead to approval. Only then does the drug’s maker begin an events trial. And until the … Continue reading Cholesterol as a Danger Has Skeptics

This guy seems to share the same attitude as all the “leaders” of healthcare (rather, those who stand to make a significant profit from the status quo) and the political do-nothings that ensure these leaders continue to make unsustainable profits.  In the end, I’m sorry they will all look at the American people through the camera and say “Ummmm…Sorry?” (Source: https://www.youtube.com/) Continue reading