Consulting & Advising

My training and in-the-trenches experience create a rare combination of expertise:

  • Clinical training in pediatrics (focusing on the individual)
  • Public health training in Preventive Medicine (focusing on the system)
  • Design
  • Product
  • Fund-raising
  • In the trenches real-world experience ideating, building, and operating innovative health services/products that have led to press and speaking engagements across 5 continents.

I understand how a doctor thinks, how patients tackle health problems in increasingly creative ways, and how we can leverage design to merge the unique qualities of today’s doctors and patients to solve intractable problems.

After 11 years of building first of its kind healthcare products and services, I’ve learned lessons I’d like to share with others doing the same. If you’d like to discuss a consulting project or advisory role, please arrange a time to speak.

Over the years, I’ve helped national and international companies understand their role in health and technology. Clients have included the NHS in the UK, Planned Parenthood of America, Sanofi in Paris, Physicians Interactive, Philips, Brown Forman, LVMH, and Best Buy.

I’ve helped startups avoid pitfalls, create go-to market strategies, raise capital, and better understand real-world healthcare consumers.

I’ve ideated and led the design and development teams that built two cloud-based electronic medical records (Hello Health and Sherpaa), four patient-focused apps, an online community of international nurses to share best practices, and helped the NHS create a solution to turn a decommissioned hospital campus in London into a vibrant, self-sustaining community of health-focused businesses and residences.

Who would benefit:

  • Investors looking to better understand the space and a potential investment
  • Hospital networks looking to understand online care
  • Direct to Consumer healthcare services, tests, devices, and medications
  • Early stage startups who want to understand pitfalls and best practices