Big life update: I’ve joined Sana as their Chief Medical Officer

Back in October, I started The Future Well to help companies build modern care models. Since then, I’ve been serving as Chief Medical Officer with Nabla, to help build technology to support modern care models. And I’ve also been working with Sana, a health plan built for small businesses. I’ve done my best to help them understand the kind of care model they can build for their 30,000+ members that matches their mission to make healthcare “understandable, accessible, and affordable.” Over the last five months, we’ve designed our own online care model embedded within the Sana health plan with a roadmap to scale to all of our members.

The more I worked with the Sana team, the more I learned about their culture, their growth, and their mission to be “default alive,” the more I felt like this was the perfect home for me.

Since 2007, I’ve been building care models outside of health plans.

That’s really, really hard.

Modern care models don’t have established CPT codes, and therefore, crystal clear business models. That means most plans won’t touch them and they have to figure out some hacked together alternative path forward.

But when the leadership of the health plan is just as visionary as the care model? That’s a perfect match. Will Young, the co-founder and CEO of Sana, and I both know we can’t simply be a health plan paying for outsourced traditional status quo care. That’s a road to mediocrity. If we want to change what healthcare costs, we have to simultaneously change how healthcare is delivered (see this from 2018). Our care must delight members so we become the one simple place each member goes to get treated, and, when necessary, guided to the best local specialists and facilities.

I can’t wait to see what we build together. Give us some time, but we’re moving fast and already seeing patients. It’s a good time to be alive.