What could that notification mean?

When you’ve got a health issue, it’s a 3 day, 3 week, or sometimes, an every day for the rest of your life ordeal. An office visit with a doctor is a 10 minute tiny snapshot of that ordeal. And if something changes or you have more questions, there’s no way to reconnect without another appointment.

Your doctor, and always the same doctor, should be accessible within minutes throughout your 3 week ordeal. And ommunicating and solving problems with your doctor should look more like an email thread than one expensive 10 minute meeting.

So what could that notification from Sherpaa mean?

Fifteen minutes after reaching out to your doctor, she wants you to answer 18 questions so she can best understand this back pain.

Your doctor just checked in with you to see how you’re feeling and asked you for an updated photo of your skin infection.

Your doctor just upped your dose of your blood pressure medication after you shared this week’s readings with her. Log in to Sherpaa to choose your pharmacy to get the new prescription.

Your ankle x-ray results are back. Good news! It’s just sprained, not broken!

Your doctor felt this rash was a bit unconventional so she invited her dermatologist colleague to review your case and the dermatologist’s insights and recommendations are back for you to read. Here are next steps.

After a month trying to get your migraines under control, your doctor thinks it’s time to see a migraine specialist. Review their profile and credentials and click to make an appointment.

To confirm what your doctor thinks is pneumonia, she just ordered a chest x-ray at your neighborhood imaging center. The order was just sent and here’s where you need to go.

Your lab results are back. It looks like you’re quite anemic. Here’s what your doctor thinks you should do about it.

That migraine specialist just sent your doctor their report from the visit. You can now log in and read it. Any questions?

Can you please review your care from your doctor over the last 3 weeks of managing your skin infection.

We arranged that visit you had with a cardiologist last week. Can you review your experience with him?

Healthcare is just communication.

And most health issues don’t need that communication to happen in an office visit, especially now that it’s just so easy to send messages, share photos, share blood pressure readings, and coordinate your care with local specialists and facilities, etc.. The best doctors know close communication is the most human, most compassionate, and safest, most modern way to practice the best medicine.