Go online first instead of doing what you used to do.

Think about that statement for a second. That’s the secret behind Google, Uber, Lyft, Seamless, Ticketmaster, Waze, Airbnb, Silvercar, Hotel Tonight, etc, etc, etc.

If you go online first, new processes can emerge. Those new processes are designed to scale at a fraction of the cost of the past. Sure, the library could bring in a computer instead of microfiche, but it’s still a trip to the library. It wasn’t until google liberated the world’s information from the confines of the library that things really started to change. It went from “library first” to “information anywhere.”

We can’t affect healthcare costs until we transition from “office visit first” to “get care online first” healthcare. Once your own personal doctor understands the details of your situation, they can either treat it without an office visit or orchestrate a plan to get you the exact care you need when you need it. Multiple sources say 70-80% of America’s 1.1 B yearly office visits don’t require a face-to-face. Ultimately, an online care process eliminates 880M doctor office visits per year. That’s not incremental innovation. That’s not even disruption innovation. That’s just a fundamentally different concept we badly need.