What does it mean to scale primary care?

Direct Primary Care doesn’t geographically scale to all employees everywhere in America.

And 10 minute video visits are severely limited and can only treat ~30 simple low-cost conditions.

Sherpaa combines the relationship-driven continuity of care seen in Direct Primary Care with the geographic reach of telehealth to deliver geographically scalable, broad-scoped primary care.

I created Virtual Primary Care (Sherpaa) with a mission to scale primary care and fix the limitations found in today’s traditional primary care solutions. To me, scaling primary care means delivering:

  • More accessible care (every square inch of 47 states)
  • Full-fledged in scope care (managing almost the same 1,500 conditions PCPs can manage in an office)
  • Care for more people per primary care doctor

Traditional PCPs have 1,600 to 1,800 patients in their practices and, on average, there are ~3 visits per patient per year.

DPC practices have 600 to 800 patients.

Sherpaa has 3,000 to 3,500 patients per doctor, and, on average, there are 2.7 episodes of care per year per patient. VPC’s care processes are online and hyper-efficient.

But, hmmm, what about the magical combination of VPC + DPC? Sounds kinda interesting to me. Because DPC makes total sense for the 5% of folks who have high medical needs.