The most expensive thing in healthcare is the doctor’s pen.

However, most plan interventions are set in motion after the order has been made. There are services that try to redirect a patient to a lower cost imaging center, but after the doctor already faxed the order to the imaging center run by their golfing buddy. There are PBMs that fulfill a ridiculously expensive Rx from a doctor who’s 100% ignorant about how much that drug costs.

Exceptional brokers & consultants find innovative health services that move the needle and package them together as a bespoke strategy.

But what if doctors were active participants in that strategy? What if each doctor, when working individually with one of their patients, knew every single service the broker packaged together and leveraged them at the most appropriate step in their clinical decision-making? Ultimately, what if, you could get ahead of costs instead of trying to redirect some random doctor’s plan?

Every Sherpaa doctor knows the suite of bundled services available to every Sherpaa patient. That’s built into our platform. Then, our doctors get to work delivering strategic care, which, is ultimately just thoughtfully spending other people’s money.

That’s a true partnership between brokers, doctors, and their patients.