“I feel confident and in control of my health care choices…my doctor empowers me.”

When your Sherpaa doctor orders anything via Sherpaa’s platform, this sends a notification to the patient allowing them to confirm or deny the order. Most of the time, they confirm the order. But sometimes they deny the order and, therefore, must provide a reason. Is it too expensive? Do they not believe in the treatment? Have they tried it before and it didn’t work? By empowering the patient to be in control of their doctor’s orders, they are therefore in control of their care and their spend. Their doctor is just their consultant. And this is realistic. There are 8,765 hours in a year, and, if you’re lucky, you interact with your doctor for an hour a year. You know what’s realistic for your health and your bank account.

This is a fundamentally new relationship the medical world has never seen. I’ve always said the doctor’s pen is the most expensive thing in healthcare. Patients in the past have had zero control and trusted their doctor to spend on their behalf. But now that deductibles are the size of amazing European vacations, I surely wouldn’t turn my spend over to some random doctor who won’t even bother to look at the price of the nicest hotel in Paris before he books you for a week.