Slack + Pivotal Tracker + Highrise = Sherpaa

If you mash up Slack (for team communication) + Pivotal Tracker (for project management— your pneumonia is a project to be managed over time by a team of health professionals) + Highrise (so your care team can know who to coordinate local care with)…you get Sherpaa’s platform.

The messaging component of our platform enables our doctors to communicate with the patient and to communicate with each other at any time from anywhere, because healthcare is literally just problem-solving via communication.

The Project Management component enables our doctors to manage complicated issues over time and ensure all these online and offline moving parts (lab or imaging tests we’ve ordered, specialists consults we get from local specialists, etc.) don’t fall through the cracks and the “project” is successfully moving toward completion. These tools allow us to manage ~1,500 conditions compared to the 30 simple issues that TelaDoc and the others are limited to.

And the Contact Relationship Management component of our platform enables us to create bespoke local networks so our doctors know who to coordinate local care with when in-person tests or care are necessary.

Our tech enables a service like no other.