Besides a PCP, who else will you work with at Sherpaa to solve your health problems?

Because I believe that health problems are just projects to be managed over time, I’ve always thought of doctors as the project lead. Any good project leader needs a team to support the mission and move the project toward completion. When a patient creates an Episode of Care within Sherpaa, the Sherpaa doctor runs point. When they believe they need help, they invite a team member into the Episode. Here’s who they are and what role they play:

Full-time psychologists

Role: Identify the needs of members who reach out for mental health issues to determine if they need in-person therapy, with whom, and/or if they need Sherpaa PCPs to manage their mental health medications alongside check-ins by our psychologists.

Care navigators/medical cost consultants

Role: Help the PCPs research options; coordinate lower cost/high quality local care and procedures with specialists and facilities; follow-up on specialist consult reports, test results, etc; and do things doctors shouldn’t be spending their time on.


Role: When our PCP needs a specialists opinion and guidance from ~40 specialties, they loop in the specialist.

Here’s where we are as of April 2018. However, January 1, 2019 is going to be a busy day for us as we launch with new clients. Here’s the roadmap.