Magic doesn’t make health happen.

Last week, I wrote about the difference between “health” and “medical.” Basically, “health” is a series of everyday choices and “medical” is pills and scalpels. The concepts are wildly different. But I get it, the medical world wants to prolong and/or return you to a state where you can make the same everyday choices. Helping you make different/better everyday choices really isn’t medical’s expertise. Here’s what I think is even crazier. The health world makes more money by raising your awareness of those everyday choices. The medical world makes more money from people who ignore everyday choices. They are diametrically opposed. The healthier the population, the less medical makes. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think there’s some grand conspiracy amongst doctors and hospitals to keep us suffering. But if there’s any way forward out of this mess (and I mean 20-30 years from now), the health and medical worlds must collide and figure out a sustainable, national business model that leverages one another’s skills and profits off health, not sickness. That has to start with today’s medical educators preparing today’s medical students for a brand new business model of the future. That’s exciting to think about, but magic doesn’t make things happen.