What happens when you do the obvious/logical thing in healthcare?

If today’s flavor of telehealth is 10 minute video/phone conversations with pink eye doctors, and those doctors can’t manage your issues for the long term, well, you can’t take advantage of new ways to manage expensive chronic issues like this one. This is wonderful. And obvious. That’s why Sherpaa has been managing high blood pressure completely virtually with our patients for the last 7 years.

“People who monitor their own blood pressure and share the readings with their physician get better control,” said the lead author, Dr. Richard J. McManus, a professor of primary care at the University of Oxford. “Seventy-five million Americans have hypertension. If a good proportion of those self-monitored, it would lead to a big reduction in stroke.”

Via the New York Times, “The Best Way to Monitor Your Blood Pressure? Do It Yourself