“Hi Jay…just checking in. Are you feeling better?”

It’s such a simple statement that conveys real human concern and thoughtfulness. But it’s actually a notification on your phone from your doctor who treated you a few days ago.

This message with this statement is protocol for every episode of care a Sherpaa doctor has with her patient. We solicit feedback and confirmation we did our jobs well and the patient is better. If not, we’ve got to jump back in and rethink things. It’s also protocol because it’s safe. Inaccessible care is unsafe.

Many people wonder how you can develop a relationship with a doctor you never see in person. It’s thoughtful things like this baked in to our process that convey a real humanity behind a message sent within an app. Also, when you, as a patient, fire off a message within Sherpaa and 90% of the time, it’s the same doctor responding to you within minutes, you develop a sense of comfort that they’re there for you.

When the thing you’re selling as a traditional doctor is an exam room or ER visit, every post-visit check-in like this would cost you money. But when you’re selling communication and problem-solving, your role as a physician is reversed. You’re now an invaluable human asset in your patients’ lives.