What is primary care?

Currently we think it’s a doctor in an office. But that’s not what it’s going to be. The PCP in an exam room is a heavy, expensive, traditional solution. In the not too distant future, it’ll be a service available from anywhere, at any time, and primarily mobile. Google owns the concept of “search.” This service will own the concept of getting health issues solved. It’s a service, it’s not information like WebMD. This service, at no cost, will help you understand if you should do something, what you should do, and who would best help you, either now with a virtual treatment or in-person with a local specialist or facility. It’s not a 20th century nurse triage line. They always finish with “you should probably see your PCP” as if your PCP can see you whenever you’d like. It’s not a TelaDoc, because it’s not hawking a $49 pink eye treatment via video. It’s going to be selling usefulness, value, affordable/accessible treatment, and care coordination with local specialists and facilities. And this will be all wrapped up in an experience that feels more like Apple, Lyft, or Tesla rather than a stock photography, DMV-like experience we too often see in healthcare.