If healthcare was designed around you, it’d be Sherpaa.

You graduated from your pediatrician, so you’re sitting next to a 90-year old in an internist’s office. For the past few years, your relationships with random doctors have felt more like one night stands. Healthcare’s broken and backwards. It’s had decades to fix itself, but it still looks and feels too much like the DMV. And it’s out of control expensive. Your insurance premiums are $450 a month and you have to spend $5,000 out of your own pocket before insurance even kicks in. Even worse, your doctor’s ordering tests for you left and right and you’re not even told how much they’re going to cost. There goes vacation this year. It’s completely out of your control and your bank account is at their mercy.

All of you occasionally get sick or hurt. Thirty to 40% of you have ongoing problems and you need regular doctors. Things like asthma, anxiety, migraines, allergies, depression, arthritis, high blood pressure, sex issues, family, friend, and romantic relationship issues, and job stress issues. So why isn’t there a healthcare specialty that specializes in your unique issues?

And it’d be nice to have some consistency. You change jobs, move cities, change insurance companies, travel. Every time, you’re scrambling for new doctors.

If healthcare was designed around your needs, you’d see that most things don’t need to be done in person. Healthcare is just communication and problem-solving. If office visits and procedures weren’t the only way doctors got paid, you’d quickly see that 70% of healthcare communication and problem-solving could be handled virtually. You’d do everything you possibly could within an app, before you stepped it up to the inconvenient and expensive in-person visit. And when you need to spend your money, you want to know how much it’s going to cost you.

This is the vision Sherpaa has for you. We’ve had almost 5 years of a head start working with the employees of ~150 forward-thinking companies like Blue Apron, Casper, Tumblr, and Foursquare. Here’s what we’ve accomplished so far:

  • We’ve built primary-care-in-the-cloud powered by our team of full-time doctors and our patient-facing web, iOS, and Android apps that enable you to create cases; message with our doctors; approve or deny prescriptions, labs, and referrals; view the details of referrals to specialists and facilities; and view lab results, imaging results, and reports from specialist visits.
  • We’ve built a robust technological platform for our doctors allowing them to manage an entire online population of people; message with you; ask you a series of questions about your issues unique to your situation; treat you with evidence-based treatment plans; easily share with you the profiles of local specialists, urgent care centers, radiology centers, ERs, and ambulatory care centers from the proprietary network of Sherpaa-friendly resources we’ve built over the years; e-prescribe; order lab and imaging tests; receive those results; and ensure all of these online and real-world actions are accounted for and acted upon.
  • We’re delivering online care in 37 of the most populated states.
  • We’ve created a new genre of healthcare and redesigned how doctors and patients problem solve and get things done.

It’s important to have a vision. It keeps you laser-focused. But for now, purchase a high deductible plan, sign up for Sherpaa today, use Sherpaa doctors as your primary care, and join our mission to make healthcare accessible, appropriate, and affordable.