How does Sherpaa save you money?

It depends. Are you a Healthcare Spender or not? If you’re not, you’re likely pretty healthy and part of 40% of the population that spends ~$500 or less on healthcare every year. That also means that, at any point, you can become a Spender by either getting sick or hurt. When that happens, join Sherpaa.

But 50% of people age 18-64 spend $500 to $10,000 a year on the 4 main healthcare expenses:

  1. PCP, Specialist, Urgent Care, and ER visits
  2. Tests
  3. Medications
  4. Procedures

If you’re spending this money without a strategy and without a guide who’s always thinking of your expenses, you’re going to pay more than you should and it’s likely going to be much more than the cost of a Sherpaa membership.

Sherpaa helps you spend your money wisely

The healthcare system is not set up for you to be smart with your money on your own. Sherpaa’s doctors aren’t just doctors. They’re also navigators. They’re well-versed in knowing the system, how to work it for you, how to leverage the nationwide Sherpaa-friendly network of specialists and facilities we’ve built, and how to get things done cost-effectively and efficiently. Think of Sherpaa as an online medical practice you got to first for all things healthcare. By going online first, you can work with our doctors to either be treated online (without co-pays or using your health insurance) or be strategically directed to the most appropriate and cost-effective way to get your problem solved. That’s why Sherpaa works so perfectly with most insurance plans, but especially well with high deductible plans where you have to spend the first few thousand dollars.

Doctor, Urgent Care, and ER visits

With good online and phone communication, lab and imaging tests, photos, and close follow-up, 70% of health issues are treated virtually by our doctors. This means Sherpaa avoids 70% of office, urgent care, and ER visits and the claims they generate. Also, by clearly understanding the details of the issue before you visit a doctor in-person, our doctors can determine exactly what services and which specialist you need to effectively solve your problem with as few in-person visits as possible. It’s just very efficient.


When you see a traditional doctor in-person, they order tests and effectively spend your money for you without explaining the benefits, value, and costs of the tests. MRIs and blood tests can be hundreds to thousands of dollars. We think that’s wrong. After Sherpaa doctors explain to you the value and benefits of the blood and imaging tests they order, you can approve the order in the app. You’re in control of your spend and we simply act as your expert consultants. And, again, paying cash for tests can often be far less expensive than using your insurance.


Healthcare Spenders, on average, get 8 prescriptions a year at an average cost of $70 a month. Sherpaa doctors prescribe medications through the app and direct you to the most cost-effective way of getting these medications. If it’s a medication you need that day, we can let you know you can get these medications for, say $4, at certain pharmacies. If it’s a daily medication, we can let you know how you can get this routine medication for the lowest cost by leveraging online pharmacies like Pillpack. We estimate ~20% savings in medication costs for prescriptions through Sherpaa.


Honestly, this is the hardest one. For the most part, when you need a procedure, you need a procedure. However, some specialists have a reputation for doing more procedures than others. At Sherpaa, we believe less is more. And we also know that 6% of specialists are responsible for 60% of malpractice cases. We absolutely avoid those specialists and steer you toward those who only do procedures when it’s absolutely necessary. Paying cash can also be far less expensive than using your insurance. We’ll help you figure out what’s best for your unique situation.