Sherpaa’s Not-So-Secret Master Plan.

In August 2006, Elon Musk wrote a blog post outlining Tesla’s vision for the next 10 years, The Secret Tesla Motors Master Plan. I think it’s important for every company to articulate their long-term strategy and vision. So, with a whole bunch of self-awareness that I’m not Elon Musk, here’s Sherpaa’s not-so-secret Master Plan for the next 10 years. Keep in mind, healthcare moves glacially … Continue reading Sherpaa’s Not-So-Secret Master Plan.

If healthcare was designed around you, it’d be Sherpaa.

You graduated from your pediatrician, so you’re sitting next to a 90-year old in an internist’s office. For the past few years, your relationships with random doctors have felt more like one night stands. Healthcare’s broken and backwards. It’s had decades to fix itself, but it still looks and feels too much like the DMV. And it’s out of control expensive. Your insurance premiums are … Continue reading If healthcare was designed around you, it’d be Sherpaa.

Here’s how you get prescriptions through Sherpaa’s app. Our doctors prescribe the medication. You approve or deny it. If you approve, you choose your pharmacy. Then you pick it up! Real simple, huh? If you want to join a medical practice that makes healthcare this easy, you can at Continue reading

sherpaa: How does Sherpaa save you money? It depends. Are you a Healthcare Spender or not? If you’re not, you’re likely pretty healthy and part of 40% of the population that spends ~$500 or less on healthcare every year. That also means that, at any point, you can become a Spender by either getting sick or hurt. When that happens, join Sherpaa. But 50% of … Continue reading

Doctors should charge by time, not transactions

Charging by transactions means the more doctors do, the more they get paid, and the more your wallet suffers. It also means high-speed churn, not high quality, personalized service. And if you go to the doctor, the ER, or an urgent care center, and you’re sent home, and something changes that will affect your outcome, you’ve got to make another appointment and pay for another … Continue reading Doctors should charge by time, not transactions