Starting today, any adult in America can sign up for Sherpaa.

In addition to companies, individuals can now become Sherpaa members because everyone needs:

  • Accessible doctors who solve problems and communicate anytime and anywhere. That’s just how life is done nowadays.
  • Help spending healthcare dollars because a mistake in spending your money is increasingly becoming financially catastrophic

For the last 5 years, Sherpaa has been working exclusively with amazing companies to make healthcare easy for their employees. Our mission with Sherpaa has always been to make healthcare accessible, appropriate, and affordable. And when you make healthcare accessible, it becomes appropriately delivered. When it becomes appropriately delivered, it becomes affordable.

Sherpaa pioneered delivering care online and created the world’s only exclusively online medical practice. After you become a member, you get unlimited Sherpaa access and care and we don’t bill your insurance for any of the things we diagnose and treat. We use messaging, photos, blood tests, imaging, phone, and video to manage everything from simple acute issues to ongoing chronic illnesses that evolve over the course of years. We’ve found over the last 5 years that 70% of healthcare issues can be diagnosed and managed virtually without using your insurance. Not having to use your insurance 70% of the time and deal with the headache of going to the doctor is a gamechanger. But for the other 30% of the time, you need guidance and arranged care with the exact person or place best suited to solve your problem. But no matter what, Sherpaa doctors are communicating with you and involved throughout because we know that’s the safest and highest quality care that can be delivered. It’s real life problem solving. It’s not a transaction where all communication has to be done in 10 minute office visit increments. 

Individuals can think of Sherpaa as a professional filter that ensures they use their insurance only when they need in-person care, which is ~30% of the time. In the last 5 years, individuals have seen massive increases in the deductibles they are required to pay prior to their insurance kicking in. Out-of-pocket limits in 2016 for all Obamacare plans are capped at $6,850 for individuals and $13,700 for families. However, when you’re sick or injured and you seek help from traditional doctors, your wallet is at their mercy. A $5,000 ER visit is quickly becoming normal and it’s chock full of tests used to cover their ass without considering actual value to you and your personal spend. There are very few people in America who can unexpectedly cover that kind of expense, especially when 65% of ER visits were non-emergencies that could be handled by accessible doctors.

And the $5,000 spent on an unnecessary ER visit could pay for over 10 years of access to Sherpaa.

As healthcare gets more and more expensive, it’s not only about having high quality doctors you trust, it’s also about working with them to ensure you’re spending your money wisely. Sherpaa started before Obamacare. And I respect Obamacare. Like everything, it’s not perfect. Giving the American people an option to protect themselves from financial ruin due to medical expenses is the ethical thing to do. But, it doesn’t go far enough. Healthcare involves real money and real expenses. And I think it’s wrong to only make Sherpaa available through companies. Individuals need help.

Some people compare us to on-demand video visits. On the contrary, instead of uber, Sherpaa is your own private driver. To take you home after a night of drinking with friends, you’ll accept the commodity of any old uber driver. But when it’s your life and your health and things are getting real, you don’t want some random stranger junior doctor staring at you as you scramble to find some privacy in the stairwell at the office for a weird video visit. You want a doctor who can work with you throughout your situation, order tests, communicate with specialists on your behalf, and be your inside connection to get things done for you. You want an experienced doctor who knows you, who communicates normally like we all do nowadays, who’s accessible anytime and anywhere, and who’s been a part of your life. You need a doctor you know and trust.

And I’m proud to say most everyone can have that for themselves and sign up today.