I had a pediatrician when I was a kid. Dr. Keefe. He was my mom’s go to. He was in a solo practice in St. Charles, MO where I spent the first 22 years of my life. Then I moved to Pennsylvania to go to med school. Ever since, I’ve never had a “relationship” with a primary care doctor. Granted, I’m a doctor. I can … Continue reading

Another reason for the medical community’s initial resistance to anesthesia was that it threatened to upset what had always been considered “normal” surgical procedures. Surgery was traditionally performed on a conscious patient, one who was able to communicate and express pain to his or her surgeon. Surgeons and doctors would use their patients’ reactions—either by asking them questions or listening carefully to their wails and … Continue reading

What does quality mean in healthcare and how do you find it? During my preventive medicine residency at Hopkins I worked in Dr. Peter Provonost’s Institute for Patient Safety and Quality. In addition to leading all safety and quality issues at Hopkins, he’s also credited with creating the concept of the surgical checklist, a tool that’s proven to save a significant number of lives and best described in … Continue reading