A few weeks ago, one of our patients at Sherpaa created a case on a Friday afternoon. Sherpaa works like email— asynchronous messaging between our doctors and patients: People create cases by choosing “I’m sick, “I’m hurt,” “I need a refill,” etc.. Once they choose the type of case, there’s a big free text box asking them for as detailed a story as possible. Our … Continue reading

A 311 for Healthcare. It’s the future.

Primary care has traditionally been an initiative led by a primary care doctor in scheduled exam rooms in a clinical office setting. They’ve got a support staff of nurses, billers, and office staff with an overhead of ~70%. It’s all powered by a business model wherein the more you use, the more you pay. Needless to say, this model is dysfunctional for both doctors and … Continue reading A 311 for Healthcare. It’s the future.

I just got back from HIMSS, a conference for Health IT attended by roughly 47,000 people. It’s insanely busy and a bit like attending CES 20 years ago. As I was walking by one of the thousand or so booths, an older salesman was corralling a crowd announcing via loudspeaker “the computer presentation will begin in 5 minutes!” It was cute. You could surely tell … Continue reading