When you think about one of your past medical issues, like that pneumonia you had, you’ve probably told many people the story. How you woke up feeling kind of run down, and you had this cold that just didn’t go away, and then you developed this fever, and you went to see this doctor who told you it was a virus and it’d go away … Continue reading

I recently returned from Medellin, Colombia where @I spoke at the Salud 2.0 conference organized by the Universidad EAFIT, one of the finest educational institutions in Colombia. I was asked to speak for a very simple reason— my entire career has been about reimagining healthcare delivery and what it could be if we designed it today with today’s capabilities for today’s savvy consumers. There are … Continue reading

I’m in Medellin, Colombia. Speaking at a conference tomorrow. The annual homicide rate in Medellín 20 years ago was 381 per 100,000. In New York City, this would come to more than 30,000 murders a year. This coincided with Pablo Escobar’s reign of terror where he was pulling in $60 million per day from the global cocaine trade that originated here in Medellin. But the … Continue reading