“That’s my boy right there.”

This is what Bryce Williams wrote in his manifesto today about Seung Hui Chon, the Virginia Tech shooter. Mr. Williams also referenced the Charleston and Columbine shootings as inspiration admitting he purchased a gun two days after Charleston because he was a “human powder keg just waiting to go BOOM!” Obviously Mr. Williams was mentally ill and joins the tens of thousands of shooters here … Continue reading “That’s my boy right there.”

Doctors own the concept of medical, but not health. Medical is acute and chronic illness that can be treated with pills or procedures. Health is an everyday series of decisions we all make involving our: food exercise relationships work and home environment sleep harmful habits (cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, etc.) sexuality finances spirituality thoughts and feelings bodies (massage, acupuncture, etc.) Of the 40,000 hours doctors spend … Continue reading

I spent the weekend in Sebastopol, California at Foocamp. This photo is from Saturday morning’s 40 mile bike ride to the Pacific Coast. Foocamp is Tim O’Reilly’s annual gathering he hosts where he invites roughly 300 people he believes are doing the most interesting things with Internet-related technology right now. It’s really about getting them all together, introducing them to each other, and creating an … Continue reading