Sherpaa is looking for a senior UX/UI designer

Design has been at the core of Sherpaa since day one. And because of that, we’ve created an entirely new genre of healthcare delivery and fundamentally changed how doctors and patients communicate. When I started Sherpaa, I sat down and process-mapped my vision for the ideal healthcare experience from both and the patient and doctor perspective. That’s where we started. Then we built the technology … Continue reading Sherpaa is looking for a senior UX/UI designer

Back in 1998, when I was a fourth year medical student at Penn State, I did a “rural medicine” rotation in Williamsburg, PA. The only thing keeping this town alive was an envelope factory. There were roughly 1,300 people living in the town composed of 98.4% white people making roughly $30,000 per year per household. My rotation was with the Williamsburg Family Practice run out … Continue reading

“But very soon, perhaps within a year, the poppy will no longer be the only way to produce heroin’s raw ingredient. It will be possible for drug companies, or drug traffickers, to brew it in yeast genetically modified to turn sugar into morphine.” This is a game changer. Here’s how this works. The pharmaceutical industry produces painkillers. Doctors prescribe painkillers. They have to be designed … Continue reading

“I now have a clear view of our assigned runway ahead. I disconnect the autopilot and silence the whoop-whoop of the siren that warns me I’ve done so. We lower the landing gear and complete the extension of the flaps that expand and alter the wing. We read the landing checklist. The air is bumpier now.” This is one of those articles that I’ll remember … Continue reading