An entirely new genre of healthcare delivery: Always-on telehealth

For years we, and others, have struggled to describe and define Sherpaa’s healthcare delivery model. It’s not telehealth. Telehealth concepts currently in existence simply don’t go far enough. First, telehealth “visits” are transactional and typically video visits between an unknown, random doctor and patient. They are confined by a doctor-patient time slot and once the transaction is over, for further communication, you have to pay for a new time slot. But, in real life, health is an ongoing conversation with ongoing events, new updates, and needs that can’t really be forced into a time slot. Second, tele means “to or at a distance” referring to physical distance. But our doctors nor our patients feel like they are “at a distance.” As we’ve seen for years from the apps that have changed how humans communicate like Facebook, GMail, Whatsapp, Instagram, OKCupid and many, many others, online communication draws people closer and enables efficiencies. Sherpaa is also not the medical home model. It’s not an in-person brick and mortar, team-based, primary care physician-led, interaction. And finally, it’s not traditional healthcare. There are no transactional, synchronous, in-person visits within the confines of a time constraint and an exam room.

Sherpaa is an entirely new genre of healthcare delivery.

It’s not traditional healthcare. It’s not a medical home. It might be considered telehealth, but it’s telehealth on steroids and realized to its full potential.

Sherpaa healthcare delivery is:

  • written rather than oral

  • online, asynchronous and convenient

  • virtual when appropriate, and in-person when needed

  • hyperlocal

  • always on and omnipresent (desktop and mobile)

  • treatment/outcome-oriented

  • cost-conscious

  • quality-driven and checklist-based

  • personalized

  • patient-centric

  • transparent

  • powered by our team of doctors

Sherpaa is a virtual medical practice that closes the loops of healthcare and cost-effectively optimizes the health of a population. It is an online, virtual practice that functions much like the traditional, doctor-patient relationship, but instead of all the communication happening within the confines of an exam room, communication happens in a written, secure, and online format at the convenience of the patient. We take a checklist-driven history, order lab and/or radiology tests as needed, receive those results, treat appropriately, or refer you to be seen in person. Whether or not we treat you or refer you, we follow up with you to make sure you are at your best. As a patient, you can log in to your cases and see exactly what was said, view your test results, and your well-organized treatment plan.

Sherpaa is an entirely new genre of healthcare delivery and one the world has not yet seen. It is always-on telehealth. Sherpaa is the future of healthcare, delivered today.