Sherpaa is hiring a front end engineer.

We’re looking for a top notch front end engineer. We have lots of stuff ahead of us to build and we need someone that can hop right in and start moving quickly. You’ll be responsible for building on and helping to improve our existing framework which serves as the codebase for 3 different interfaces for our product. You can think of our tech as a little bit customer relationship management, healthcare project management, and a customer support ticketing tool…all focused on giving our doctors and patients tools to solve simple to complex health issues. It’s a complex platform founded on elegant design. You’ll come to the office, everyday, knowing you’re building something that brings meaning and value to the world.
An inherent sense of elegant design with expert knowledge of:
  • Javascript
  • Object oriented programming
  • MVC architecture
  • Scalable Javascript techniques & patterns
A plus if you have experience with:
  • Backbone.js
  • Require.js

Please email us at with your resume.