Medical profession aided CIA torture

In a series of tweets this morning, surgeon and author Atul Gawande called out the doctors who helped the CIA torture people. 1/The Senate CIA Torture Report reveals savage, immoral, utterly despicable practices by our govt. — Atul Gawande (@Atul_Gawande) December 10, 2014 2/But the worst for me is to see the details of how doctors, psychologists, and others sworn to aid human beings … Continue reading Medical profession aided CIA torture

“The main image shows 91,251 blood sugar readings from my Dexcom continuous glucose monitor (CGM). Each colored line shows one day. January 1 is at the top, with days progressing clockwise around the circle. Lines grow longer with more readings for that day. Blood sugars are color-coded and grouped based on the reading. I represented the in-range readings as white to make it easier to spot the days … Continue reading

Sherpaa is hiring a front end engineer.

We’re looking for a top notch front end engineer. We have lots of stuff ahead of us to build and we need someone that can hop right in and start moving quickly. You’ll be responsible for building on and helping to improve our existing framework which serves as the codebase for 3 different interfaces for our product. You can think of our tech as a little … Continue reading Sherpaa is hiring a front end engineer.