Sherpaa moved to a beautiful new office in SoHo at Broadway and Prince a few weeks ago. The decor is coming along. We got a whole wall of vintage first aid kits via Etsy, one of Sherpaa’s clients. Lots of plants and a beautiful stretcher from the 60’s, you know, just in case. And on that coffee table is a vintage German knee from West … Continue reading

My watch is the only watch I’m excited about today. Call me a curmudgeon, but we look at too many screens and, already, get too many things vying for our attention. A wearable screen ready to distract us? Does that make us more present, or less? My iPhone has been my wearable since 2007. I wear it in my pocket. Do I really need another … Continue reading

What is unique about how Sherpaa doctors practice medicine? You can think of Sherpaa like a corporate medical practice in the cloud. When an employee health issue arises, employees launch the app, create a case, tell us their story, answer our questions, and see their plan. When an employee has a new message from our doctors, they get an email saying they have a new … Continue reading