Sherpaa is hiring full-time physicians!

Are you a family practice or internal medicine doctor who wants to work at Sherpaa? Do you think healthcare is broken and you want to be on the team that’s fixing it? Are you ready for an exciting change? If so, please join us. 

What do Sherpaa physicians do all day? They talk with patients via our app or phone, order tests, diagnose, treat, coordinate care, and/or refer to the perfect specialist for the patient. In fact, 70% of the time, we actually diagnose and treat without referring for an in-person visit. You work out of the Sherpaa office in Soho and become part of our growing Sherpaa team. 

It’s creative, refreshingly different than a traditional doctor’s life, and it’s an opportunity to be part of something that works better than traditional, old-fashioned healthcare delivery. You’ll work alongside our tech team and help guide our app’s development as we continually focus on making healthcare delivery as effective and efficient as possible. You’ll become a part of our patients’ lives as you change their lives and health for the better.

It’s doctoring, and also working at one of the most forward-thinking healthcare startups around today. You’ll get a salary that’s more competitive than a traditional doctor, amazing benefits, and we, of course, cover your malpractice. Please send your resumé to I’m looking forward to meeting you!