I’m speaking about the future of healthcare delivery on June 12th. You should come.

Although there is a ton of activity in healthcare right now in terms of new apps, new health data companies, new ways to purchase health insurance, etc…there are very few companies tackling the most profound part of healthcare that’s broken and ripe for disruption— the delivery of healthcare. What does it mean to “go to the doctor?” When do you need to actually see a doctor in person vs. just talk with a doctor?“

Here at Sherpaa, we’re preventing 70% of office visits from happening at all. That is a fundamentally massive change. It’s true healthcare disruption, not incremental change. It’s not an efficiency increase of 5%. It’s an acknowledgement that 70% of doctor office visits simply don’t need to happen.

So, on June 12th, I’m delighted to be on a panel with two of my fellow healthcare delivery innovators:

  • Tom Lee, the CEO of One Medical Group
  • Jason Gorevic, the CEO of TelaDoc

Although Tom, Jason, and I are reimagining the future of healthcare delivery, there are fundamental differences in the strategy and philosophy of our companies. 

Needless to say, it’s going to be a spirited discussion tackling the real issues of healthcare. I’m excited. 

It’s free, located at Softbank’s space in Flatiron on June 12th and 6:30pm, and there will be food and booze. 

Space is limited. RSVP to Saundra (Saundra_parola@softbank.com) to secure your spot.