Sherpaa is hiring developers!

We’re looking for a dedicated back end developer to help us improve healthcare with technology. Won’t you join us?

Who we need:

We are looking for a back end developer eager to join our small but ambitious development team and grow with us. With just two developers, we’ve built a product that is currently giving thousands of people better healthcare, but as we expand and set up shop outside of NYC, we have a lot more to build.

The core of our technology is a secure, rich, asynchronous messaging system connecting doctors and insurance specialists to our clients to solve their health and insurance problems. Our next challenge is to transition our existing system to a robust and scalable architecture capable of serving orders of magnitude more users, while building powerful new features that enable our doctors and insurance specialists to work more efficiently.

Elegance and ease of use is our priority, and we pride ourselves on bringing that to our clients.

Our next addition to the development team will need a good handle on:

  • Python

  • OO design

  • Security

  • Unix administration/server ops

  • Functional programming concepts

  • Databases (SQL and alternative)

  • Distributed systems

  • Web Architecture

Most importantly, we need a capable, skilled, and thoughtful engineer, who wants to solve large-scale problems, is confident and decisive enough to help us reach our goals, and can add your own experience and vision to our team.

Please send your resume along with a thoughtful cover letter to