I just set up Ducksboard for Sherpaa. It’s essentially a dashboard for your company and allows you to see the real-time status of all things happening in your company. Here are a few of the things that I can now see:

  • How many people reached out to Sherpaa in the last 24 hours
  • The types of cases people are creating (sick, hurt, insurance questions, mental health, etc.)
  • How our sales team is doing and what their pipeline looks like
  • How many phone calls our physicians got this month
  • Percentage of cases our docs are solving without referring you to be seen in person
  • Ratings for Sherpaa and for the specialists we refer to
  • Growth in patients and companies
  • Real-time revenue
  • Our social footprint (twitter mentions, LinkedIn followers, etc.)

All of this is extremely insightful. Data-driven healthcare is a dream of mine. However, there’s a number we’re tracking that I think is fascinating. It’s an estimate of how much money our doctors are saving all of the employees of companies we cover. It’s a number that currently has little to do with our bottom line, but it has everything to do with our mission— we want to deliver care more effectively and less expensively. We want to be a service that people absolutely love and need, one that people rave about, but also one that saves our folks money. That’s hard to do. 

Prior to setting up this dashboard, I had no idea that every month our doctors are saving our patients almost exactly Sherpaa’s monthly revenue. Without going into details, Sherpaa is kicking ass in terms of revenue. But to think that we’re saving this much money is proving out my theory that served as the reason to start Sherpaa— we absolutely can create a better healthcare experience that people love that makes healthcare less expensive.