My grandfather turned 94 two weeks ago. He’s been a wealth of influence in my life, but there’s one thing he’s regularly told me: “If you sit down, you’ll never stand up.” He’s always been moving. He’s been the most active man I’ve ever known and his long life has been his reward. A new groundbreaking study just published in JAMA suggests that: Regular exercise, … Continue reading

Sherpaa raises a $4M Series A round led by Softbank

I’m obviously quite excited about this. Sherpaa started in February of 2012 with one client, tumblr. A little over two years later: We take care of more than 100 companies We’re 18 employees and hiring Our monthly revenue covers our monthly burn We’re now in California and in the process of expanding to 10 other major cities by the end of the year We solve … Continue reading Sherpaa raises a $4M Series A round led by Softbank

Exciting news: Sherpaa is expanding. We’re currently working with over 100 companies here in NYC and many of them have offices in other major cities in America. We’re building the nation’s first nationwide group of forward-thinking, exceptionally trained health professionals. Sure, there are massive lists of doctors out there you can find on your insurer’s website. But, nobody is curating that confusing, generic list of … Continue reading

sherpaa: At Sherpaa, we always tell our clients that our Doctors and Insurance Guides should be their first point of contact for all things health… and by “all” we mean any health question or concern they may have, even if they aren’t necessarily sick at the moment. Today we released a fun new feature in our app that calls attention to the many ways to use … Continue reading

I recently spent the weekend upstate at a beautiful old house built in 1898. It was surrounded by trees and just a hundred yards away from a gorgeous, crystal clear lake. It had a lovely massive porch in front that looked absolutely perfect for sipping lemonade, reading, and, brace yourself, giving birth. The owner of the house showed me photos taken almost four years ago … Continue reading

I just set up Ducksboard for Sherpaa. It’s essentially a dashboard for your company and allows you to see the real-time status of all things happening in your company. Here are a few of the things that I can now see: How many people reached out to Sherpaa in the last 24 hours The types of cases people are creating (sick, hurt, insurance questions, mental … Continue reading