Sherpaa purchased 1600 polio vaccines this week. When we sign up a company, our goal is for 100% of employees to register with Sherpaa. We’ve been experimenting with various ways to accomplish this goal, and, this week, we implemented a new strategy. If you sign up within 24 hours of receiving the registration invitation from Sherpaa, we purchase polio vaccines on your behalf to help … Continue reading

I’m pretty excited to announce that Sherpaa has teamed up with Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health to offer their preventive medicine physicians in training the opportunity to do a rotation at Sherpaa to learn about health technology, startups & entrepreneurship, the optimal patient experience, service design, and the business of healthcare. I did two residencies, one in pediatrics and the second was in Preventive Medicine … Continue reading

About a month ago, I got some new glasses, as shown in this grab from my Monday’s appearance on Bloomberg (quite possibly the most unprepared professional TV hosts of all time, but that’s another story). I bought them from this boutique in Soho and got the lenses from my local shop in Williamsburg. I knew I’d have to pay for them up front and then … Continue reading