Although having a doctor accessible 24/7 via app or phone is a wonderful and remarkably helpful experience, truly letting people connect in a deep way with those doctors over the internet is a challenge. As a user, you can tell our doctors are experienced, knowledgeable, and exceptional doctors…but you can’t grasp their wonderful personalities via a message. So, we created these videos of our doctors … Continue reading

Not too long ago, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation invited me to speak to their entire organization about Sherpaa, re-imagining healthcare, and designing a better way of doing things. The Robert Wood Johson Foundation is the United States largest philanthropy devoted solely to the nation’s public health and they do absolutely wonderful work.  After I spoke, they asked me to write a piece for them. … Continue reading

External link to Tumblr Founder David Karp Invests in Medical-Treatment Startup Sherpaa — WSJ

Tumblr Founder David Karp Invests in Medical-Treatment Startup Sherpaa — WSJ

We’re thrilled to announce that David has invested in Sherpaa. I’ve known David for about six years now after meeting through the NYC grapevine. Tumblr has powered my blog since I launched my practice back in 2007. David was one of my earliest followers on tumblr and when we were talking in late 2011 about the early ideas that would eventually culminate in Sherpaa, David … Continue reading Tumblr Founder David Karp Invests in Medical-Treatment Startup Sherpaa — WSJ

conscientious: W. Eugene Smith – Dr. Ceriani, 1948 Smack out of the golden age of the photojournalistic essay, Dr. Ceriani manages to maintain its power even removed from the framing of the magazine it was published in, the words around it gone. I want to think that what makes this photograph so poignant is that it essentially is a self portrait. Not in the absolutely … Continue reading

Prices for tests and procedures in healthcare are literally all over the map, as told so wonderfully by Time in their groundbreaking article, The Bitter Pill. For example, if you get a brain MRI at one institution versus another, this may be the difference between you paying $500 vs. $2500 out of your deductible. That’s the difference between you going on vacation to Rio, buying … Continue reading

Sharing a lovely meal with friends and family— it’s one of life’s most beautiful experiences. For healthy people, it’s just so simple. You meet up, eat, drink, laugh, and call it a night. For people who have Parkinson’s Disease, or some other tremor, sharing a meal can not only be embarrassing, it can be impossible. Some tremors are so severe, they can’t even feed themselves.  … Continue reading