Sherpaa, in just a few short months, will be open for business in San Francisco. I’m going to be in SF February 10 – 16 meeting with practicing doctors in the city and surrounding areas.

Here’s how Sherpaa works with doctors:

  • First, Sherpaa hires a small group of doctors to work full time for us. Our doctors solve medical issues 70% of the time by just communicating with you over our app or via phone.
  • Second, if we can’t solve the problem or you need to be physically seen, we refer you to our favorite physicians/specialists/therapists in the city. We have no financial relationship with those physicians. We just think they’ve got the best personalities and the best training.

If you’d like to be one of our doctors Sherpaa refers to in San Francisco, I’d be happy to meet up and see if there’s a good fit. Send me an email at if you’d like to meet. See you soon San Francisco!

photo by noah