Everyone, not just doctors, having access to medical information is one of the most profound cultural changes in our nation’s health. It’s one that I welcome. There’s a ton of health content out there on the internet. Some is good, some is ok, and some is just plain wrong. And it’s nearly impossible for google to gauge quality. But with this profound change, comes another need:

I believe it’s our role as doctors to curate and guide our patients to the best information available to us all. I call it information therapy.

We should be sending you to the best information, the best opinion, and the best tools you can use to understand and manage your health. It is a new and necessary role we have as doctors practicing in the age of the internet. So we just launched this feature in Sherpaa’s app. Here’s a screenshot of it. It’s simple, but profound. Here’s what your doctor thinks is the best of the internet, exclusively for you. We even recommend the best iPhone apps to help you manage your migraines. Your doctor, prescribing apps. Welcome to the future.