I just got word that my dear friend, Bill Drenttel passed away today. I met Bill at a conference where we were both speaking and had an immediate connection as we chatted in the green room for a few hours. Bill invited me into his life and into the design world. He was the brains behind so many beautiful things and experiences we all see everyday. We spent a week together in Cape Town, a few weeks together in Aspen where he introduced me to way too much Bulleit, many weekends at his home, Winterhouse, up in the Berkshires, and countless lunches in the city. I took this video last time I was up at his home. 

Bill was exceptional both personally and professionally and anyone who knew him was touched by his generosity and unique personality. He surrounded himself with lovely things and lovely people, as anyone who knows his wife and children can attest to. He was a mentor and a friend and he will be missed. Thank you Bill.