From this weekend’s article in The Times, Enhanced Medical Care for an Annual Fee:

In recent years, some of Dr. Goldberg’s patients have made unusual requests that he has obliged. In one instance, when a patient didn’t want to be seen having a colonoscopy, Dr. Goldberg closed his office for four hours to grant her more privacy. Another requested allergy shots at home and another his accompaniment to a stressful M.R.I. where Dr. Goldberg held the patient’s toe to supply comfort.

For $25,000 a year, you too can have a doctor slave! Dr. Goldberg, see the following article, Patient Satisfaction Linked to Higher Mortality

Five years ago there were 28 concierge doctors in NYC. Now there are 124. Obamacare can’t/didn’t mandate that doctors take the insurance you are mandated to purchase. Doctors fighting back/opting out is just getting started. 

My professional advice: Don’t pay $25K for a few doctor visits a year/holding your toe during an MRI. I can think of much, much better things to do with all that money you can’t figure out how to spend.