Across the world, half as many children died in 2012 as in 1990. That’s the biggest decline ever recorded. And hardly anyone knows about it!

Bill Gates

That’s amazing. The Gates Foundation is doing exceptional, truly world-changing work. It’s “the last mile” for clean water and vaccines. 

I just got word that my dear friend, Bill Drenttel passed away today. I met Bill at a conference where we were both speaking and had an immediate connection as we chatted in the green room for a few hours. Bill invited me into his life and into the design world. He was the brains behind so many beautiful things and experiences we all see everyday. We spent a week together in Cape Town, a few weeks together in Aspen where he introduced me to way too much Bulleit, many weekends at his home, Winterhouse, up in the Berkshires, and countless lunches in the city. I took this video last time I was up at his home. 

Bill was exceptional both personally and professionally and anyone who knew him was touched by his generosity and unique personality. He surrounded himself with lovely things and lovely people, as anyone who knows his wife and children can attest to. He was a mentor and a friend and he will be missed. Thank you Bill. 

A recent study in the British Medical Journal asked the following questions:

  • What would happen if everyone over 50 were offered a statin like Lipitor, and 70% complied?
  • What would happen if everyone over 50 were told to eat an apple a day (or one extra portion of some fruit) and 70% complied (and assuming no overall increase in calorie consumption)?


Statins would save 9,400 lives.

Eating an apple would save 8,500 lives.

The increased statin use would also cause over a thousand cases of muscle disease and 10,000 new diagnoses of diabetes.


The proportion of doctors and lawyers who were white men in 1960.  Racism and sexism kept those professions homogenous, but it turns out less racism and sexism translates into better use of talent, more productivity, and actually creates economic growth. (via theweekmagazine)

And, today, women comprise roughly 48% of medical students. We can give the boomers a hard time for making our economy unsustainable for our future, but we have to say they fought hard for gender equality, and got it, especially in medicine. 


my good friend jay commissioned me to design this poster for his company, sherpaa, a healthcare consultancy for businesses which helps companies spend their healthcare dollars wisely on both health insurance and healthcare usage.

this poster will be used to encourage employees of sherpaa’s client companies to signup for and make use of sherpaa’s marvelous service (and it is marvelous, and frickin’ awesome. you should check it out.).

always a pleasure to work with jay, and on projects for organizations like sherpaa that are make real, positive and tangible change in broken industries like healthcare.

Dailey is an extraordinary designer. 

From this weekend’s article in The Times, Enhanced Medical Care for an Annual Fee:

In recent years, some of Dr. Goldberg’s patients have made unusual requests that he has obliged. In one instance, when a patient didn’t want to be seen having a colonoscopy, Dr. Goldberg closed his office for four hours to grant her more privacy. Another requested allergy shots at home and another his accompaniment to a stressful M.R.I. where Dr. Goldberg held the patient’s toe to supply comfort.

For $25,000 a year, you too can have a doctor slave! Dr. Goldberg, see the following article, Patient Satisfaction Linked to Higher Mortality

Five years ago there were 28 concierge doctors in NYC. Now there are 124. Obamacare can’t/didn’t mandate that doctors take the insurance you are mandated to purchase. Doctors fighting back/opting out is just getting started. 

My professional advice: Don’t pay $25K for a few doctor visits a year/holding your toe during an MRI. I can think of much, much better things to do with all that money you can’t figure out how to spend.