Six years ago today, I launched my first practice. That first month, my practice website attracted 7 million unique visitors. It sure has been a ride. I’ve started three companies: Hello Health, The Future Well, and Sherpaa. I raised a total of about $40 million. I designed the most popular iPad app for physicians, Omnio. I’ve spoken all over the world from Australia to Cape Town to Amsterdam and London. I met Bill Clinton. I had a conversation with Justice Sandra Day O’Connor and MC Hammer, together. Needless to say, my life is lovely, rewarding, and weird— something I would never, ever change. And Sherpaa is growing beyond my wildest dreams (more to announce in the near future). 

I’m the luckiest guy in the world to have such a wonderful life surrounded by the best family, friends, and the best team I could ever imagine. Of course, you need a team of ridiculously talented people supporting and contributing to your vision.

But even more importantly, none of this would happen without taking a leap into the unknown and believing that the world can be a better place and the status quo can and will change. It’s easy to be cynical and complain about how horrible healthcare is in America as both doctors and patients. But complaining gets you nowhere. If you want something to change badly enough, drop everything, design something better, inspire others, and change it. 

Here’s to the last six years. And here’s to the bright, bright future. Thank you.