A few months ago, I hired Dr. Ezra Feinberg to be our mental health professional our clients can contact to help them figure out a plan to get folks back on mental health track. People will reach out and tell us their story, Ezra will ask a series of detailed questions designed to elicit the underlying issues, and he’ll connect you with a therapist or a psychiatrist who specializes in your unique needs. It solves that whole “therapist shopping” problem. We want to connect you with the perfect therapist for you, not just one who’s trained in your needs, but also with a personality you’ll connect with. So far, this process has worked exceptionally well.

As we were hiring him, Ezra and I shared many conversations over beers and talked practice philosophy and just got to know each other. He mentioned he used to have his own band and as we talked music, we discovered we liked a ton of the same bands. When I said I liked a certain band, he would say he knows them and played with them. He told me his band was Citay. Amazing! I knew Citay. Ezra put out two albums and both were critically acclaimed. He toured with Yo La Tango, Phosphorescent, The National, and many other of my favorite bands. However, the life of a musician is hard. Tough to make ends meet, no matter how talented you are. And, most importantly for Ezra, he was passionate about being a shrink. He wanted to help people in a very meaningful way. So he packed up his band, got his doctorate in psychology, built his practice…and now he works for Sherpaa. 

My goal is to hire people who are simply good at anything they do. This takes passion, curiosity, grit, skills, experience, education, and practice. The fact that Ezra is a musical genius and an exceptional shrink is no accident. People who have risen to the top in one area of their life, will likely excel at everything they do. They can’t stand mediocrity in themselves. And that’s exactly why I hired him.